Snoring and sleeping

Contrary to popular belief, snoring is not “normal” and can easily be fixed, and with effort – avoided. Snoring is caused by obstructions in air passage for breathing due to various reasons like throat weakness, obstructions in nasal passageway, enlarged tonsils, sleep apnea or relaxed tongue muscles causing it to dropping into the back of the mouth. With medical intervention, most causes can be cured, and snorers nowadays are making efforts to fix the problem sooner than later. Snorers are socially unpopular, cause disturbance in public places if they doze off, and are known to also suffer from related medical conditions like excessive thirst, disturbed sleep and loss of taste.

One of the easiest way to avoid snoring is to sleep on your side, which reduces the chances of the tongue muscles falling into the throat and blocking air passage. You can also get nasal strips to help keep your nasal passage open. If your spouse is suffering from sleepless nights because of your incessant snoring, at least do them a favour by getting a pair of earplugs for them. Ask your family to wake you up every time you snore so that you are aware of the extent of the problem. Don’t accept it and move on with life calling it “normal”.

Snoring causes a lot of social embarrassment while travelling overnight on a public transport. It disturbs fellow passengers and, in most cases, it will disturb you as well. A quick visit to a doctor can help you eliminate years of embarrassment. In case you are unwilling about consulting a doctor, look for snoring solutions online and you will be amazed to see the number of options available to ease the condition. None of them cost too much and most of them simply require daily habit changes and commitment.

In case you are someone who has a snoring partner or regularly experience disturbed sleep because of snoring, don’t be afraid or conscious to tell the other person that they need help. You might not be received with gratitude, but it’s always good to do your bit – you might just be helping someone’s life.