Over the last few years, I have noticed a decline in the amount of public firework displays. I presume partly due to financial trumoil we are currently in. This, I would presume results in more people engaging in firework displays in their own back yards. Something that I really enjoyed and still do with my own children today.

There are however a couple of considerations that need to be born in mind. If you go to a professional firework display, there are governed by health and saftey regulations, where as at home, it is down to the parent or carer to make sure all is okay in their own garden.

Whilsts on the whole, this is not a big probelm for many people. There are many examples every year where both children and adults have been injured as a result of man handling fireworks.

Some simple but effective saftey tips would be to ensure that you stand well away from the fireworks. Also make sure that  the fireworks are firmly secured to the ground. This can be done by way of a flower pot with soil in it. Sparlers, although loved by children, can actually burn your hands. I would recommend wearing gloved when holding sparklers and also to have a point within the garden to through them away after use.

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If you do have a pet. Please do ensure there are not out, not only on November 5th, but peior to that date, as many people start cracking fireworks before then. Partly due to the Diwali celebrations that also take place around that time.