It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog, so I thought I would start today with an overview of my recent experience at a music festival that I gone to. Last Friday, I was invited to a very nice jazz concert by a very good friend of mine, who I have known for over 20 years.

The festival was very entertaining and the food brilliant! Whilst I was taking to a few concert goers, I was asked what I actually did for a living. To the surprise of some of the visitors, when they found out that I was an audiologist, they became quite interested in my line of work, as by that time, the music had been playing for a while and coupled with the loud noise from all the chatter, some people were quite naturally finding their ears to be a bit sore.

What was actually of amusement to me was the fact that, to help stop the pain they were feeling in their ears only took them to wear a relatively cheap pair of earplugs. I was also quite taken back that, despite all the money they had spent on the evening, no one actually considered spending anything on earplugs.

Being the sad individual that I am, I just happened to also have a box of earplugs in the back of my car. Well actually it was a delivery that I had collected the day before and was storing in in my boot for taking to the office on Monday.

As a good will gesture I handed out the earplugs to the people who I was talking to as well as giving an overview of good hearing. For the record, all you really need to do is ensure that you limit the amount of sudden loud sounds you listen to as well as take some basic precaution to protect your ears.

In the greater scheme of things, a jazz concert is not that loud, compared to a rock or House concert, where it is not uncommon for the noise to reach dangerous levels for prolonged periods. What are also worth nothing, a large amount of my customers actually are rock music fans, so the information is spreading on the need to protect your hearing.

You can also buy plugs made for music fans that are made to block out the harmful sound levels but also at the same time ensure the true music is actually heard.